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North Beach is in reality Chatham's part of Nauset Beach, which faces the open Atlantic Ocean.   This barrier beach is now almost entirely managed by the Cape Cod National Seashore though some private property owners still maintain rights to summer camps.

Without an oversand permit and a four wheel drive vehicle, North Beach can only be reached from the Chatham mainland by one of the water taxis which leave regularly from the Chatham fish pier.    If you're of more independent spirit a kayak launched from a town landing will get you there but watch the tides. Currents in Chatham Harbor are deceptively swift and changeable.  All things considered, if you do have the proper vehicle and equipment and you plan to go enough to make the permit economical, we recommend getting there oversand via the Orleans access road at Nauset Beach.  The views are gorgeous, the off-road driving is fun, and you can come and go as you please. Since there are no facilities out there, plan accordingly and bring a cooler with lunch and beverages. Resident and non-resident permits are available and can be purchased on Wednesdays from 1pm to 4pm at the Chatham Community Building, next to the Chatham Police Dept.  Click here to download a PDF of 2005 North Beach 4WD details and tips.

Camping overnight is permitted but you must have certain gear and a contained bathroom facility.

It is this stretch of beach where Henry Beston spent the winter of  1927 and penned is Cape Cod classic Outermost House.  Bring a copy with you when you go.


Henry Beston, planning to spend only a few weeks in his new Cape Cod summer cottage, fell in love with the nature of the region and remained, living there by himself for a year. First published in 1928, these are his reflections on the sea, the weather and the animal life of the coast. The house is no longer there (it was swept out to sea in 1978), but this book remains a much loved piece of the American nature writing tradition.  Click to purchase from the Chatham Online Store.



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